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Privacy Policy

This page describes how our website is managed with regard to the processing of the personal data of users who visit it.
Privacy Policy pursuant to Article 13 of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR) on the protection of personal data

Data Controller

De Danieli Sas
Address: Via Alessandro Volta 17 - 35020 Legnaro (Padua)
Telephone: +39 49 641.440

Following the provisions set out in Regulation EU 2016/679 “European Regulation on the protection of personal data” (hereinafter “GDPR”), De Danieli Sas, in its capacity as ‘Data Controller’ of the personal data processing, hereby informs users that such processing will be carried out in compliance with the principle of lawfulness, fairness, transparency, necessity and minimisation, protecting the confidentiality and rights of the data subjects.

Data Collected

This website features a form (contact form) to enable users to send messages. The data that are collected using this form include: First name, Last name, Company, Country, Email, Consent to personal data processing.
Log files are also collected in the manner and for the reasons described under Log Files and Legitimate Interest. (Log files consist of history-related and sequential records of access to the server hosting this website).
In the event that users use the email address shown on the website to send communications and/or requests, their own email addresses and any data contained therein will be processed solely for the purpose of responding to any such requests and will in no way be transferred, disclosed or disseminated to third parties.

Purpose of Processing - Why data are processed

Personal data received will be processed to:
(a) respond to any requests and/or communications;
(execute agreements for the services offered by the Controller (e.g. support or consultancy activities);
(c) comply with the obligations laid down by law, Community legislation or an order from the Authority;
(d) comply with pre-contract, contract, accounting and tax obligations as needed ;
(e) exercise Data Controller's rights (e.g. the right of defence in legal claims).
Log files are collected and retained for security purposes (Article 6(1)(f) and 47-49-50 of the GDPR), see next paragraph.

Log File and Legitimate Interest

In some cases, processing is based on lawful requirements other than consent, which override the rights of the data subject. Collecting and retaining log files for a short period of time is considered in these circumstances.
These files are very important for website and server security, safeguarding and protecting data, defending against computer threats (viruses, malware, etc.), detecting hardware or software anomalies, and are therefore crucial for service continuity. These particular files contain information that could identify the user (e.g. IP address), but their use is exclusively limited to the purposes and legitimate interests listed below:
- protect the website, server and network from activities that are harmful to their integrity or to the security of others (e.g. DOS, DDOS attacks)
protect and safeguard data integrity (Data Protection);
- prevent fraud and/or detect suspicious or harmful activities (e.g. spamming);
- investigate violations or report illegal conduct.

How They Are Collected

The data provided by users are collected exclusively of their own free will by filling in the 'contact form' or via the contact email on the website.
The processing of data is subject to the provision and collection of consent, which, after reading this policy, is given by checking the boxes provided on the form available on this website.
Log files are automatically collected by the server on which the website is hosted.

With Whom They Are Shared

Personal data collected for the purposes set out under (a) and (b) above will not be subject to disclosure/dissemination. The data collected for the purposes under (c), (d) and (e) may be shared with subjects responsible for their own fulfilments (tax firms or consultants, lawyers, etc.). A full list may be requested from the Data Controller at any time.

Where They Are Stored

The data provided by the users are stored at the premises on magnetic or computer media or in paper form. Backup copies can be stored for redundancy and security reasons in other locations or online storage systems (cloud storage).
Log files are stored on the server hosting the website and in backup copies thereof.

How Long They Are Stored

Data collected for contract purposes are retained for the entire duration of the contract and for 10 years after the end of such contract, except in cases where retention for a greater period is required for litigation, requests by the relevant authorities or pursuant to applicable laws in force;
data collected for the purposes of law are retained for a period equal to the duration laid down by law for each type of data; data collected for marketing purposes are retained for a period equal to the duration of the agreement, as well as for 24 months following termination thereof;
log files collected in the manner and for the purposes set out above are retained on the server hosting the website and are periodically deleted by automated procedures every 30 days.

How they are kept safe

Data and log files are managed using specific and appropriate organisational and technical security measures adopted in pursuance of Articles 24 et seq. of the GDPR, with the aim of guaranteeing secure access and protecting the information from the risk of loss or destruction, whether accidental or otherwise. These measures include, but are not limited to, updates to operating systems, the adoption of complex passwords and their periodic renewal, the adoption of updated antivirus software, the use of firewalls, specific policies for the safekeeping of backup copies and for restoring data and system availability, and any other software or hardware tools necessary for such purpose.
In adopting these measures, De Danieli Sas may rely on external services selected independently based on high standards of quality and reliability.

Data Verification and the Right to be Forgotten

At any time, users, as data subjects, may send a request for verification of the personal data provided as well as for the exercise of all the rights under the applicable legislation (with special reference to the right of access, rectification, cancellation, restriction and blocking of processing) by writing to this email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Users may, if they deem it necessary, lodge a complaint with the Privacy Authority. It is also specified that (i) it will not be possible to delete data in cases where the law or a regulation requires such data to be retained, and (ii) if following deletion technical or IT problems arise in connection with the integrity of e.g. databases, then the data will be anonymised in such a way as to make it effectively unavailable to the Data Controller.

Use of Cookies

Users visiting the website will see minimal amounts of information inserted into the devices they are using, such information consisting of small text files known as 'cookies' saved by the web browser used for browsing. Full information on how cookies are managed is provided on the page dedicated to cookies: Cookie Policy

Links to External Sites

The validity of the information does not extend to any other external websites visited by the users via links available on the website. Users access such websites by their own free will and De Danieli Sas will not be liable in any way with respect to obligations incumbent on other owners/operators of such websites/web portals concerning the content thereof or the adoption of appropriate protection measures for personal data provided while accessing such websites or concerning cookie management.

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