Since 1960

After working in the patisserie machinery maintenance and repair field, Danilo De Danieli established the De Danieli company in 1960.

It was precisely from direct and continuous contact with the user that the idea of building a simple machine in terms of concept and use for preparing traditional custard was born.

This is how the first custard cookers came about. They were simple machines that small pastry cooks used on a daily basis for their preparations.

The company grew very quickly, and consolidated its own machinery production over the years.

The founder’s son Alessandro De Danieli joined the business in 1986, and today heads the company.

Since then the company has strengthened, developed and brought to maturity the concept of these machines while disengaging them from their primary purpose of custard production. Now they are oriented towards a wide variety of uses, no longer purely in the patisserie field, but in the food industry in general.

The spirit of the company still bears the imprint of its founder’s original philosophy: supply a quality machine that is simple to use, essential for industry operators, and that is made with handcrafted care that meets the customer’s specific requirements.

In a moment like today, when everyone is reassessing the “slow-food” concept and improving the quality of ingredients and the food production process, De Danieli is certain that it is supplying an irreplaceable tool in terms of quality for both the small user and the food industry.


Since 2019, the Cooker range, thanks to the application of the CKC process controller, has seen its potential significantly implemented.

The new Touch-Screen control panel allows the user to manage the entire process in a detailed and effective way, with significant energy saving functions achieved, thanks to the integrated control device for the electrical absorption power

For over 60 years DE DANIELI has been serving its customers with precision, quality and punctuality.



Respect For The Environment

Our company has Always been environmentally aware, and since 2012 it has used clean energy from its own photovoltaic system installed on its roof.